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How to Organize Your Business Using Trello FREE TRELLO TEMPLATE INCLUDED

So you’re running your business, and you find that you are working tirelessly every day, but you don’t seem to be making progress. You have a million things to do, but you can never catch a break. Sound familiar? This was me before I started cracking down on my business organization.

I tried doing the whole paper planner thing. I really love a good pen and paper, but I found that I was forgetting to look at the planner and I would miss important tasks. Whoops!

This is where Trello swooped in and showed me a whole new world of digital management. 

What is Trello?

Trello is a digital kanban board. It’s a really great tool to get a visual of the progress of your tasks. You can use the board solo or you can work with a team. Trello does have a free version and a paid version. One thing I like about Trello is an app called Butler. This really changed the game for me because you could start to automate your tasks. The downside is the apps do have an individual fee so you may not want to go to crazy installing all the apps. Here is a quick rundown of the Trello hierarchy and how you can use it to organize your business. 


On your Trello dashboard, you will be able to have different boards. Let’s say you want a separate board for YouTube and another one for Instagram.


Each board will consist of different lists. Here is an example of a YouTube board that I created. You can have a brain dump list, goal list, and even post your upload schedule to stay on track. 


Each list will consist of cards. In the cards, you can get more details about the task. You are able to add notes, links, and images. You can set due dates so you can easily get a visual of what tasks are most important to finish first. 

Ideas on how to use Trello

Here are a few boards you can create to help organize your business

  • Finance tracker
  • Content calendar
  • Team management
  • Business operations manual
  • Weekly todos 
  • Brain dump
  • Learning hub

If you want to try out Trello you can click here! 

CLICK HERE To grab your free Trello Business Hub Template

Now, hopefully, you got a good idea of how to use Trello. Personally, I don’t use the program anymore on daily basis. HOLD UP! LET ME EXPLAIN. I love Trello, but I have graduated to more advanced tools like Notion and Clickup. These tools take a bit more time to learn, but when I teach new people how to organize their biz I always point them to Trello because it is so easy to use. The last thing you want to do as a new business person is figure out a whole Notion setup. 😅

In future posts, I will definitely show you around some other programs.

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