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10 Insanely Useful Candle-Maker Tools

Are you looking to up your candle-making productivity? I have compiled a list of tools that help me around the candle studio. Here are 10 candle-maker tools that will help you level up your production.

This post contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission if you purchase an item or service I recommend at no extra cost for you. I only recommend products or services I use and love.

Large Melting Pot

A lot of us start making candles on the stovetop with a double boiler. Upgrading to a larger pot will drastically decrease the time it takes to make candles and increase candle production. A larger melting pot should really be one of your first investments.

Glue Dots

Before finding Glue Dots I was using wick stickers or hot glue to adhere my wicks. Once I found Glue Dots I never looked back. I typically buy them in packs of 1,000.

EZ Wick Setter Tool

This candle-maker tool has saved us time and money. We are able to double wick the containers quickly and uniformly. Seriously, I don’t understand why I didn’t buy this sooner!

Digital Meat Thermometer

This is my favorite way to check the temperature of my wax. I love that the probe is a couple of feet long so even if you have a large wax melter you can stick the probe inside of the pot and set the thermometer on a table or on top of your wax melter. You can also set a max temp reading so the thermometer will beep.

Plastic Bowl Scraper

These come in handy for cleaning spilled wax on surfaces. I also use them quite often to scrape the sides of my bowl when I’m making whipped wax topping.

Candle-Maker Calculator

Candle calculators help you to quickly get the measurements you need to make a batch of candles. There are a few different ones you can browse, but this is the app I use. Just remember that this app measures in just pounds so you do have to convert the pounds to ounces as well. If you get confused by all the candle-making formulas then try out an app!

File Box

I recently changed up my label organization, and I started using a hanging file box to house all my labels. Previously, I was using an accordion folder, and eventually, I ran out of space. Labels were piling up all around the office! I love the file folder idea because you can continue to expand. Make sure to also grab hanging file folders. To label everything nice and neat I used my Brother Label Maker.

Label Wizard

This is one item on the list that I don’t personally have yet, but I would love to get one in the near future. This tool helps you apply your product labels nice and straight without too much effort.

Pancake Funnel

Are you tired of spilling wax when pouring candles? Well, this funnel will help control your pour so you can worry less about spillage.

Respirator Mask

This last tool doesn’t directly help with candle making, but it can help the maker. When making candles it is recommended that you do so in a well-ventilated room. So make sure you have windows open and fans going. In my workspace, I have large ceiling fans and doors that I open up when making candles. If you are working in a more confined space you may want to consider wearing a respirator. It is not normal to get headaches or feel lightheaded when making candles so if you are feeling that way then you definitely need to wear a respirator.

Hopefully, you found this list of candle-maker tools useful. If you want even more helpful candle and business information sign up for the Monthly Flame Newsletter down below.

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